Find My Pet - Part 2


Hey everyone,

Thanks for the participation in my initial shared survey, we have a follow-up survey that is more technical and this will allow us to have more insight, should we craft our way to a potential solution. We’ve added a nice incentive Takealot/Amazon voucher - depending on your location. Completion of both surveys will add you to the draw.

Here’s the link:

Any participation will be much appreciated. :slight_smile:


What currency is that? I’m not sure how to answer the budget question.


Hey @HAWK, apologies for not specifying that. $ or ZAR would be fine. :slight_smile: thanks for your engagment!


Hey Brendin,

The version of this survey I filled out asked for my email address twice. Think about removing one of those fields to lower abandonment rate on the survey. :slight_smile:



Hey @anne_dougherty, thanks for your feedback, I’ve realized that and removed it. Hopefully in time :slight_smile:


Hey there,

Regarding the budget, what if you don’t budget $100 per month on your pet?

Also, is this second poll restricted to pet owners? I don’t currently have one.




I’ve just done both :slight_smile: