Financial forms / listing monthly expenses



I’m working on an online application form where the user needs to fill out their monthly expenses.
There are 18 fields the user is asked to fill out, all of which are optional.
I was wondering if anyone else has discovered best practice for this type of form?
The below… doesn’t feel like the best solution.


i get why you want to split out the categories like that as different categories have different tax breaks, but is it necessary to collect all that info at this stage? It makes the form more difficult to fill in for everyone. Where have your requirements come from? At my current workplace, i just fill in a simple form - date, expense description, amount and the finance guys do the rest


This is only one stage of the process.
The user fills out income, deductions, fixed debt and expenses.
We could just give the user a single field and ask them to provide a total for all their expenses but people tend to forget things such as fuel or entertainment. This offers the opportunity to jog their memory if they have forgotten anything.