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Food Bit App -UI UX design case study Feedback :grinning:

Hi there.

The app itself looks beautifully executed and your imagery is very slick. I love how you’ve included visual artefacts for so many of the UX stages but what you’re missing here is the dialogue. There is no text content describing your process. I’d love to know why you made the choices that you did. What challenges you came across and how you overcame them. That kind of thing.

Add a story and you’ve got this nailed.

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Thanks a lot

Hi Shohid_uiux,

I went through the link shared by you. Very neat work. I just have one suggestion, include indicators for carousel (00:02 & 00:04) (Fastfood, Fruits, Proteins, etc) (Grilled salmon, Pasta with ham, etc). Most of the users when they are using it for the first time they won’t be able to make out that they need to scroll horizontally.

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Where link ? Thanks a lot

The link shared by you.

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