Feedback & Tips for a Second Menu


I’m doing this second menu for a web site, but they told me is too much " old style" and they don’t like the disposition of icon…
Any suggest for me please? Thank you

  • The second menu is only in that section " flow designer/builder "
  • in the grid it will be possible to draw flows, so I need the space of the menu to make visible, after the user choses icon, other configuration options as text input etc
  • No much colors available…(I 'have already use them)

Thanks :slight_smile:


Photoshop do a pretty good job of this kind of thing. Could you get some inspiration there?

(And welcome on board!)


I always use Photoshop and Yes, I need some inspiration if you can


I mean that the secondary menus in Photoshop are good. Perhaps you could take inspiration from them?