Feedback on website


Hi All,

I am owner of and I an not very technical so I am requesting your feedback on the website’s UX and flow / journey.

My aim is to get maximum bookings possible form my hotel booking website and convert visitors into loyal customers.

I know my site isn’t in a great shape, so I wont mind even if your comments are blunt :slight_smile:

Thank you!


looks like I posted in the wrong section, can admin please move my post to correct one? I cant find the option to move it and dont want to create duplicate post in other forum :frowning: Sorry


No worries at all! I’ve moved this to the Process forum and will send some eyes your way.


Hi Kanhapride

This forum exists to help aspiring UX designers, so it’s probably a bit much to expect a free usability audit. As you said, it’s not in great shape—if you’re the owner and are serious about creating a site that converts prospects into customers for your hotel, then I would recommend you engage a professional designer to work with you on this. Here are some early wins:
[]The biggest hurdle that is hurting you is the email signup box that appears within seconds of arriving. Not only is it really intrusive, but it’s sometimes impossible to close this box (there is a “close” link, but a) it’s almost impossible to see, and b) doesn’t work every time anyway, leaving the user stuck with a signup form they may not want to fill out and no other option but to close their browser window)
]The site is not currently mobile-friendly. I don’t know any statistics on mobile usage in the Indian Hotel industry, but you’d be ignoring global trends of mobile usage at your peril by note implementing a responsive design.
[]Your carousel is not doing anything for you but take up screen real estate
]The copywriting is sub-standard and needs to be rewritten from scratch. Engage a professional writer who is a native English speaker. They will help you refine your proposition and unique selling point so that you can make visitors to your site WANT to come and stay. At the moment the text on your site does not do that
[*]The menu items also don’t make sense to me. I suspect you would benefit from researching who it is you’re targeting, and putting yourself in their shoes to ask what information they need when looking for a hotel in your area.
[/LIST] Hope that’s helpful, sorry if it’s harsh.


I agree re the signup box. I can’t get it off my screen, which unfortunately means that no other links on the site work for me. If you can get that sorted I’d be happy to take another look, but as Matt mentions, you’ve got a bit of work to do here.

Having said that, the photos are amazing!