Feedback on user testing tasks


Thanks @jacquidow It changed to 1 when I pasted into the forum. (It was 5)

Also I told the user to use CASCADE not because 1 is a slf contained task but rather a set up to number 2. The test is about seeing if users can understand a contextual basket system without explanation. Basically sers can create a basket for their customers and switch to different baskets saved for other customers.

It is in-house fortunately so can interrupt easily.


I think the script looks nice and easy to understand I have a few questions though:

  1. In task one you are telling the user how to complete the task, I’d be tempted to remove ‘use CASCADE’ and just ask them to calculate the cost price, not tell them how to do this.

  2. How will you do the interruption? Are you running the test in an internal lab, if so I’d actually have someone come in and interrupt the session to make it as real as possible, if you’re doing the tests remotely this may be quite difficult to enforce.

  3. The final step is numbered 1. is this a seperate test to the others or is this actually step 5? (This is more me being pedantic, but may add confusion if the tests are being done remotely and the user is reading through it all.


I’m wondering why you’re calling it a ‘conceptual basket’, which may be harder terminology for users to understand?

Why not just have orders with different statuses?

I.e. Open order, closed order, placed order, etc etc? This is much easier to understand concept and terminology and may help the users feel in control?

Personally with baskets I worry that should I navigate away from the site, will the basket empty, will it save the basket. However if I have opened an order, added to an order, but not yet placed the order and paid for it I can go back and amend the order?

Just a suggestion.

Hope this helps


Contextual rather than coneptual.

We did a test last week with it and think we will actually go down a named baskets route (after testing)


Ah ok, sorry I misread that (your original post seems to have vanished?!)

Named baskets makes sense, good luck with the final project :smile:


It has disapeared hasn’t it. That’s odd. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me. I’d tried deleting it a few days before you replied as I’d tested.


Wondered what was going on there. I didn’t touch it so I assume you did. A delete takes 24 hours, so you may not have realised that you were successful and then responses were made during that window.


That would make sense.