Feedback on these pages?


Hi, I know that it might be not the best of community netiquette to just come here and ask for feedback but maybe you will find some time and find it useful to make suggestions as to how we can further improve these pages?

Many thanks in advance,



I found that it took me a moment to figure out what was being asked of me. Maybe the button could be more prominent?

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Hi @Torsten here are some things I picked up. Hope it helps.

  • I also found it hard to figure out the purpose of the page. A simple heading with a tagline might help. Why am I here?

  • It also makes me wonder where I am coming from. How does user get here? Is it a standalone page or is it part of a hierarchy? The “Question” link is active in the main navigation so I am guessing I have come from there, but what category am I viewing this question in? Is it part of some Weekly exercise? Maybe some breadcrumbs or link to help me go back to where I came from (error prevention)

  • I don’t think the choice of answers offers enough signifiers to show me it’s clickable, it just looks like they are grey text and I’m not sure what to do - possibly use the phrase “click on the correct answer” to prompt me to click on something or add an underline to the text to make the clickability affordance evident.

  • There is no indication of my progress in terms of question numbers and how many I have to go through to get a final score. I can just press next the whole way through. Is this never ending or am I just going through the same questions over and over again?

  • I would increase text size and button sizes for legibility and accessibility



Hello Ari, many thanks for your detailed feedback, this is very helpful indeed :+1: :grin:.



Hi Torsten,
here are some feedbacks:

I think the “Check” button needs to be closer to the answers box (proximity law).

The text could be more readable, I’d increase the font-size and line-height a bit.

There’s an icon “I” before the title, But I didn’t understand what’s for. The title needs to be bigger than the other words.

Hope it could help

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