Feedback on resume



Hi all,
I have been part of UX mastery slack group for long and finally entering the community here. Excited :grinning:
I am a self taught UX designer trying to transition from a software developer role to a UX designer role. I updated my resume and was hoping to get some feedback on it. TIA.

Google Docs Resume link


Yay! Welcome. :slight_smile:

So your resume is certainly impressive but it reads very much as that of a dev. The key with UX is to document your process. Portfolios tend to be more important than resumes in this game. Have you got a couple of projects that you could make into case studies?

Check out the portfolio tag for some examples of what I mean.


Hey, before even looking at the content I was surprised it was 3 pages long especially with all the white space. Try consolidating it to 2 pages max. I’m not sure what the custom is in India, but most places in the US have 1 page resumes, because what just person wants to read more than that?


Thanks for the feedback @HAWK

I have done a couple of self study projects as part of my portfolio and in the process of putting them together. When applying for jobs (at least in India), applicants are expected to submit both their resume and their portfolio. So this is my attempt to fix one half of the problem.

Since I come from a non-design background, I was wondering if this resume would get my foot in the door? :thinking: I do not want to let my previous experience go unnoticed. I want to project my tech background as a strength but not be detriment for a future role as a UX designer. :confounded:


Thanks for the feedback @amirkhan3. In India, a 3 page resume is quite common :blush:

This is the trend I have noticed over the years. I strive to put the most important information at the top so it can be scanned in the fist 7-10 seconds; and then detailed bio follows.


Sure. I think it’s important to note that UX designers do not have to be UI designers. You don’t have to be a skilled interface or graphic designer.