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Hi all,

I’m a developer applying for HCI programs. I hope to make a UX portfolio not only for my grad school application but also for career transition in the future. I had several design projects before, but I didn’t complete it in the standard “UX” process. I’m still building the website, not sure if I’m heading the right direction. Please give me some harsh feedback on structure, types, wording, … anything. Current portfolio is here. Thanks!


Hey there,
Happy to look through this later in the week and give you some feedback.

In the mean time, jump into someone else’s and give them some ideas.



Thank you Hawk! I’ll look at others’ portfolio. That might be helpful to myself as well.


I like the outline on your page, but the color seems to be a little bright for me. It’s hard to describe. I like the color. I think it looks great on the buttons, but the border is hard on my eyes.

Overall, your text reads well. There are some spacing inconsistencies on the different pages though. For example:



Overall, I think you’re doing very well. As I said, your text is clear and your thought processes are well laid out.

I hope that helps.

PS - On the SalonUp page, what is low-fid?


Sorry for the late response.

First up, well done. Your site is clean, well laid out and easy to follow.

I’d recommend having someone do a light english edit. There are a few spelling and grammatical errors which could be easily cleaned up and that would give it a more professional feel.

The presentation of your projects confused me a bit. The first was easy to follow but the second redirected to Pinshape which was a bit hard to follow. That project would be easier to follow if there were more illustrations.

The main thing of note is that this isn’t a UX portfolio. It is very UI and design centric. Are you hoping to move into a UX role?

Low fidelity (a rough sketch rather than a detailed/more finished product)


Thank you for your feedback, Piper! I really like the color, but I agree with you. I’m thinking about changing it into a color with lower saturation. I’ve removed the borders for now.


Thank you, Hawk! Really good advice! Yes, I’m hoping to move into a UX role. Currently, this portfolio was mostly for graduate school application. I’d love to add more “UX elements” to it. My previous experience focused more on UI as you can see. Do you have any advice on how to make the portfolio more “UX”? Maybe I can write some apps’ case studies?


Yup! Document the UX processes that you undertook. The finished product is the least important part.

Check out the #portfolio tag for discussions about best practices and to check out other examples.


Overall, I think your portfolio is good. One thing I’d change: when hovering over projects, make the entire div clickable; it might be frustrating to have to navigate to the button in the center.