Feedback on Portfolio

Hey everyone,

I don’t have traditional UX projects or experience, however I have architectural and community design experience - so I created a portfolio with what I have. I am hoping to transition into a UX career.

What do you think about my portfolio?

Hey Alex,
Good start. :slight_smile:

The most important thing about a UX portfolio is that it demonstrates your process. At this stage you don’t have any UX projects under your belt but you could still work at documenting your design process.

UX portfolios are about quality rather than quantity. I’d consider removing most of the projects which are just a single image and work on making a couple of them into really well documented case studies.

A few other small things of note:

  • Put your name on the homescreen
  • The Jump Down button doesn’t work on Chrome for Mac
  • Who Am I should have a ?
  • The first sentence in the above paragraph is very long and not easily readable.
  • The sentence “That theme has expressed itself in a variety of ways throughout my life, and are particularly present.” doesn’t make sense to me.
  • Typos: “it is possible to shape it’s formed through specific activity” and “As our Amoeba’s are uniquely”
  • I am also a bit confused by the whole amoebas thing. It feels like you are referring to something but it comes form nowhere and needs context…
  • Readability is a huge part of UX. You need more contrast between your grey text on white and a bigger base font.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Hawk! I think I may give up on using the Portfolio adobe program as it is not easy to use and there are no text editors.

Will work on this! Will probably also make a new site :sweat_smile:

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Put your name where you can see it right away without needing to scroll. (top left is usually a safe bet) Also the main headline should say something about what you do. Include case studies showing your process and focus more on the quality of the project instead of quantity. Try and keep the text short for both case studies and about me since people don’t like to read too much and too long. If possible try and get your own domain and website because .myportfolio looks a little unprofessional.