Feedback on portfolio


Hi all,
I have started working on my UX portfolio and this is version 1.0. I have converted a case study of a ‘pet project’ that I worked on into a real project. Looking forward for feedback.

Google Drive link to PDF file.



Hi Sridhar,

I like the structure but I miss other projects, there is only one. Regarding the project, I spent some time trying to understand how is the workflow, what led me to the Medium article and then I saw the demo GIF. Since PDFs don’t support animated media, maybe try a sequence of steps to guide the user. In this particular situation I had no issues to understand that, given it’s a simple microinteraction, but that can be tricky for more complex projects.

By the way, you are a software developer, man, so make yourself a Foursquare or WordPress page :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck!


Hi there,

Aesthetically, I like the color scheme as you scroll down; I like the change between black and white.

I had trouble reading most of the small text throughout the document though. The text size in the “A Bit About Me” section seems like the right size. Everywhere else, the point size is so small, it’s hard to read.

I think that @eduardo_roxius makes a good point. I think you would be better served using a format other than pdf.

I hope that helps.


I recommend getting a website instead of a pdf. Also put the case studies on the website instead of linking them to medium.


Thanks for the feedback @eduardo_roxius
I have some more projects in the works as well. Will be adding them soon.
In UX style, I created the first version of my portfolio and iron out the kinks before I add more content :slight_smile:

I understand using animated GIFs will be very nice but the limitation on PDF keeps my hands tied. I read somewhere about embedding videos but I decided against it, as the file size will increase. This is the reason I have provided the link to full case study. A PDF portfolio is just to get my foot in the door and get through the recruiter.

I already have a domain for the online portfolio. Once the content is fine tuned here, I will be adding it there and sharing the link soon :smiley:


Thanks for the feedback @Piper_Wilson


Yes that is in plan.
Surprising as it might seem, a lot of UX recruiters ask for a PDF portfolio for the first round.