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Dear All,

I am a MSc HCID student with a lot of industry experience in marketing research. I have recently set-up my website to be able to showcase my portfolio and I am keen to get some feedback from experts in this industry like yourself. Would you be able to spare a couple of minute to have a look at my Portfolio website and give me some recommendations to enhance it please? It is

Many thanks,



Hey Nick,

Couple of things I observed:

  1. Your site’s logo looks beautiful but on the title bar it looks like the icon when the page is still loading. Could be confusing for some people.
  2. Typo in the headline - "User Experience Researcher"
    I think this sentence should be rephrased. Not able to clearly understand what you are trying to convey - “I have extensive experience in project managing full scope marketing research projects using different methodologies.”
  3. These days most designers have a single page portfolio. While the homepage tells who you are, users are not navigated to your work immediately.
  4. The portfolio section has just images and no details about the process. Also the images are small and cannot be expanded.
  5. Resume is password protected. I don’t think there is any harm in putting up a resume online. Especially if a recruiter were to come across your site, they would return empty handed.
  6. The blog posts can be a bit more detailed about and use a bit of formatting love :wink:
    The calendar does not do anything. What is the purpose?

Here are a couple of good portfolio sites for reference. Good luck!


Thank you very much, this is extremely helpful.

Kind regards,



Hey there,
Welcome! :slight_smile:

My observations.

  • First up, your site is beautiful. Well done.
  • The copy on your homepage is super elegant but it lacks contrast so is a bit hard to read. The font needs to be larger and heavier.
  • The key to UX portfolios is documenting your process. You have a number of case studies there but they don’t provide any information. You need to describe the steps you took and provide annotated imagery. Here is a great example of a documented case study.

I’m happy to give it another run once you’ve included some case studies.

I wrote this article a while back. It showcases some amazing portfolios which might be inspiring.


you could’ve make this a working link in your post, now I had to c/p it :D.

Not much to add to the before-mentioned feedback, I do agree that a password on a resume is…wtf?..

Also, you could already put the tiles of your case studies on the home page, just in a more concise format.

Also, I’m not sure what I should have seen after clicking your portfolio work. it’s just a slightly larger version of the “thumbnail” you show in the tile. Seems you focus a lot on a single artefact without giving your visitor very little context.


Thank you very very much, this is all great feedback and you will see I have been able to make some of these changes so the fonts on home page are larger now and blog posts layout is slightly better. I am working on the process (portfolio section), will ping you once this is done.
Thanks again,


Sorry glenn, not sure what you mean by working link, m just sooo stupid…
Thanks a lot for your feedback, I am still working on other bits e.g. processes but have taken off the password and made other elements a bit more consistent. I will ping you again once the processes are sorted, thank you soo much for your help reviewing.
Kind regards,


Heh, not stupid. He meant make it clickable like


Got it, thanks


In hindsight, I also dropped the ball there :smiley:


Thank you so much, I’m also having problems creating an online portfolio and I feel your tips will greatly help me.