Feedback on Portfolio/Resume

Hello everyone!
I would appreciate some feedback on my portfolio and resume.

My background is in front end development but I’ve been making the transition into UX/Product design over the last two years.

Thanks in advance !

Hi Stephen,

Welcome! We’d be happy to give you some feedback but before we do, would you give other folks feedback, too? Portfolio feedback requests

We want to be reciprocal with each other.


Hey there,

I’m still looking. Something is confusing me. What is The Guy Focus as opposed to focus?

Basically Focus is the department and " the guy focus" is a subteam. It can be very confusing. Ill revamp the way I phrase the teams to try and make it more clear.

Thanks for taking a look! I really appreciate the feedback

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Hey again,

I looked at your portfolio on both my iPhone and my computer. I really like the colors and the layout.

Here’s my feedback:

  • Overall, I think you can do with a text edit. There are some typos, grammatical errors, and inconsistencies. I recommend moving your text to a word processing document because their grammar and spell checks can catch a lot of things.
  • You have a blurb at the top of each page next to the first graphic. Following that, you have an introduction. From what I can tell, the two paragraphs of text are almost identical to each other. I recommend figuring out a way to rephrase or eliminate one. The repetition just looks weird to me.
  • I think that your screenshots would look better if they had a frame around them. You’ve got a lot of white everywhere.
  • I can’t tell (because I don’t know how) if your site is WCAG accessible. I may not be phrasing that correctly. Calling @AshleaMcKay. :slight_smile:

That being said, the most important thing about the way you present your portfolio is how well you describe your thought and design processes. I think that is excellent.

Apologies for any confusion I may have caused, but to clarify, I am not even remotely qualified or experienced enough to provide accessibility advice. I’ve commented in other threads in regards to colour contrast but that is the limit of my value in this space and all I did was use a freely available colour contrast tool. I think I used this one: but there’s heaps of different ones out there.

@cass_stephan accessibility is very important but you need the right information. Hopefully someone else will jump in here (no idea who) and in the meantime, you might consider doing some research into it yourself via Google. Maybe start here:

Sorry I can’t be more helpful.


Hey Stephan,
To build on the comments already given, your site is beautifully designed, well done. It’s clean and easy to navigate.

Your case studies are well structure and I like the “what I learned” section.

Your contrast and font sizes are good.

Your resume is concise.

I give you an A.