Feedback on portfolio for job hunt in the U.S


Hi guys,

I’m a UX Designer from Copenhagen, Denmark, looking to move to San Francisco. I’m currently visiting SF, where I’ve met up with some interesting people and companies, and next step is to start sharing my portfolio to be considered for the available UX Designer positions. Before that I would really like to “test” my portfolio to see if I’m presenting myself and my skills in the best possible way.

I would really appreciate any feedback you guys could give me, it will be a big help in my search for jobs in the U.S. What I would especially like to hear your point of view on, based on the portfolio, is:

  1. How would you describe me as a Designer? (e.g. skills, personality, interests, experience)

  2. What do you think would improve my portfolio?

  3. On a scale of 1-10 how likely are you to recommend me to a UX Designer position?

I’ve made a Google form to collect answers. You can find my portfolio at

Thanks :slight_smile:



Heh, love the form idea!

A few comments:

  • my first impression of your portfolio is great. :slight_smile: Clean, professional, on-point
  • the icons in the Tools section are a bit hard to read on that background image
  • your photo is brilliant. I usually suggest that people include a personal story or anecdote, but your photo does that job – it’s direct and engaging
  • it would be good to see more detail in your case studies. They are beautifully presented but I don’t get a great insight into your process. More imagery + annotations would help.

I’m going to loop @Louise in here as she’s our portfolio expert.


I love your portfolio. Its Awesome. I will improve my portfolio as yours. Thanks
Check our My Portfolio

@HAWK You can rate my portfolio as well: Sanepara Portfolio
Thanks for your help. What are changes to get job at :blush: :slight_smile:


From a performance perspective you might look at the file size for your main background image. It takes a bit for it to load for me, and I’m not on a slow connection. Otherwise, very well laid out as far as information architecture goes! And I like how it scales for smaller screens.


Hi @Camilla Camilla, (thanks for the shout @HAWK :slight_smile: )

So glad you could share your portfolio. You’re in the right place if you want to know what it takes to get hired in SFO.

Initial reaction:

  • I can’t see your name or logo type in the header area. It’s considered part of landing page information architecture to include a logo or company name - it acts as an anchor point for visitors. As a UX designer your own website needs to look and feel great, according to IA standards. Especially if you are working in UX.

  • Your narrative or story about who you are, should match that of the job you are applying for. Its not up to me - the potential employer to tell you how i might describe your work. You need to practice your pitch. What area of UX do you specialise in? How can your expertise help your employer, what companies have you singled out to work for in SFO? How are you going to align your work with their needs? Who is your target company audience, and how will you specialise in addressing their hiring needs?

  • “Design Engineer” is the first thing I see. Is that the “title” of the jobs you are applying for? If not, then it needs to reflect that term. UX Designer is the correct term to use is you applying for a UX Designer position.

  • I can’t see the research or sketches that informed your design, do you have any you could add? If you have private work you - could password protect it.

  • Performance is key in UX. Your portfolio pages need to render fast in my browser, consider optimising the images sizes.


  • Apply to big tech firms who have have a highly evolved UX workflow so you can expand on your own skills

  • Avoid start ups, you will learn little.

  • Check my Persuasive Portfolio Free Webinar for tips and strategy to get hired.

  • Save enough money for at least six months rent, this gives you a chance to really explore and make friends there who can introduce you to UX teams - that’s the best way in to get an introduction from someone you both know.

Feeling overwhelmed?

I cover ux careers in depth and more at

Let me know how it goes, would love to hear your progress±

Be great.



Wow great comments guys @HAWK, @rsanepara, @redrobinmeyer and @Louise, thanks so much for taking the time to look at my portfolio! I’m glad many of you liked it, and I really appreciate all the comments.

First of all I will take a look at the AI and performance of the site.

I will also change my title to reflect the jobs as UX Designer, I’m applying for.

Further I will try to target my story more to the companies I’m applying for - which can be tricky since I’m in contact with different types of companies including consultancies, product development as well as large and medium size companies - but I still think it is relevant and will try to target it more.

Finally I will also review my cases and try to include more details about process including research and sketches that informed the design.

Will follow up with an update, when I’ve implemented some changes :slight_smile:


If you don’t already know about it, is great for testing site performance.