Feedback on Portfolio Case Study

I just finished my first project with Figma and I made a portfolio. I would love to get any feedback on the content and how I decided to showcase my app. I’m still learning so I would also love any feedback on the design process I took, or if you have any suggestions to help me become a better UX designer!

Thank you!!


I am not a professional, but I like it, clean with lot of information.
Good luck

Thank you so much! I’m still very new to the UX community so I appreciate all feedback :smiley:

Hey! I’m also writing my first case study for a project that I just finished and I think your case is solid. I like that you attached videos of your prototypes on the screen and that you explained in the low-fi why you made those decisions. I would change some blocks of text for bullet points, and headers to make the portfolio more scannable, bc It’s kind of hard to read. Hope this help you!