Feedback on Portfolio Case Study


I’m wrapping up my UX design course on Career Foundry, and am beginning to build my portfolio. I would love feedback on the content of my case study. I know Behance is limited and that I’ll need to build a website to be taken seriously. For now, however, I’m looking to see if what I’ve included in my case study tells a story. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


Hey there and welcome Omar,

you have made a very detailed case study there. So I think it might be good to make it leaner. You can leave out the step jumps in your design thinking graphic and text, because your hiring manager should know that those jumps are always possible. Maybe you can leave out one Persona you deem as dispensable. Since your Flows are linked to your personas, that would already save some space.

If you want to tell a story, it seems to be best to start with your goals, challenges and opportunities. And finish it off with how your project will live on.
You can also use informative headlines in addition to the steps the following information is related to. For example, “Young Professionals Are Health Conscious but Low on Time” if that’s what the main takeaway is. I’d also really like to see how your competitive analysis influenced the process.

It would be great to have bigger copy in your Behance project. It’s hard to read.

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Hi Marco,

Thanks so much for the feedback. I found it to be really constructive. I like your “informative headline” idea replacing my design steps. I just listened to the most recent episode User Defenders and Jason Ogle mentioned how the portfolio should emphasize the problem, solution, and lift. It seems to be aligned to your suggestion of focus on on goals, challenges, and opportunities.



I’ve made some major revisions. Little did I know that you can simply upload an Adobe XD file to Behance. Any additional feedback is greatly appreciated.