Feedback on new portfolio and resume would be most welcome!



Hello All! I’m a UI/UX designer based in Boston and I’ve recently started looking for a new UX Designer position. I’ve been updating my portfolio and resume and would love any feedback about them. Thanks!


Hi Anthony,

Your portfolio and resume give a good flavour of who u are and your work history. Looks like u have lots of ux experience. With the 4 page resume I assume its geared towards a new contract rather than perm job?

The only thing I’d raise is i find it all too wordy and long. This might be OK for you though given the industries you have experience in. Personally, however, I’m a scanner and prefer things to the point. By trimming the fat, and only including your most relevant and best examples of work, your quality of work won’t be diluted.

Good luck in your search!


Hey Anthony,
I agree with Leo on all counts. Your portfolio does a great job of demonstrating your experience and I love the detail in your case studies. Great mix of copy and imagery. I also enjoyed the mix of personal and professional content.

That said, everything (especially your resume) is a bit verbose. I’d expect to see a 1 pager for the resume.

The site was easy to navigate and read. No issues there at all.


@anthony00 - Welcome!

At first glance, I’d like to call your attention to something I read in our Slack channel today. The person said that when they see “UX/UI” grouped together like that, they think whoever wrote it doesn’t know the difference between the two disciplines. If that makes sense to you, I recommend that you go and change all those references to “UX & UI.”

On the Hewlitt-Packard project, it wasn’t immediately clear to me that there were other pictures to look at. It took me a second to recognize that there were arrows to follow to other content. I noticed the same type of thing across your other projects.

The pictures of some of your web pages looks to me like there should be links I can click. Maybe resizing the pictures down a bit and putting a border around them would help?

With regard to your resume, it is common these days for people to use scanning technology to “read” resumes. The bullet points you have can mess with the programs they use. Also, the blue color may be a problem because blue doesn’t scan all that well.

Overall, your process is detailed and thorough. I enjoyed reading about the things you did. Nicely done!


Welcome to the community!

Yep. This.

I would also add that I found your resume very hard to read due to the lack of contrast between that super light grey text and the white background. I checked it using a colour contrast tool and it is not accessible. I suggest you switch the light grey for a dark cool grey and check the contrast just in case. Or just use black for the paragraphs and dark grey for headings. And agreed, the blue needs to go.

With the resume I was also a bit confused by the way it starts off by telling me what user research is. Honestly, I kind of just went ‘blah’ and moved onto the next section. I think I was expecting more of a 1-2 sentence ‘about me’ type paragraph or even just for the experience list to be first and the skill stuff to be a list a bit later on or apparent by the experience listed. Have a think about how your resume introduces people to you and what you can do.

The portfolio website was good and this may sound very picky - so please remember I’m trying to help- the scribble font you wrote your name in at the top felt distracting especially combined with a serif font for the headings, the font used for the tabs and the nice clean sans serif font that appears under your photo. I think I counted at least 4 different fonts in use and suggest you pick one and stick with it - I vote for the nice clean one! :slight_smile:

As others have said, the resume is quite long and I would suggest slashing the detail back from the older experience you have listed.

The work you did while in grad school also doesn’t seem to have a date range next to it and it’s a little confusing because all the other experience does. It’s like there’s been an error or something is missing.

I mean all of this in the most constructive way possible and look forward to seeing whatever you decide to do for the next iteration of it :slight_smile:


Hello! Thanks so much for the feedback! Would you recommend I trim both my portfolio site as well as my resume? And is my portfolio site also too wordy?


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