Feedback on my portfolio



My new portfolio site is live, and I’d really appreciate some feedback on it. I’m planning to add at least one more case study as well as more info about myself, but I’m curious to hear thoughts on it right now.

Also, thank you to everyone who provided feedback on my case studies already!

Is this ok to use in my portfolio? Thanks for your help

Love it. I think it’s succinct, clear, and easy to navigate.

Only bug I noticed was that the parallax scroll down to your work doesn’t include the third project (On Track).
I have to click on the Work nav item to see that.


Thanks! Fixed the project listing.


Thanks for sharing it. It is crisp and clear, and not too long. Good luck!


Really nice @chrisoliver!

Apart from just looking great and being simple and clear, I especially love the detailed description of how you conducted the user research, what you learned along the way, and how you made your decisions in the product strategy and design.

Those are the things that are often missing from portfolios that I read. How is anyone supposed to know what it will be like to work with someone if they don’t show their thinking and process?! Well done :slight_smile:


Thanks @dhyana_scarano!