Feedback on my portfolio please :)



Hi all any feedback that you can give for me to improve on my portfolio. I’m in a mid of job search and your feedback will really help me!


Hi Saif,

-I like your home page, it’s clean and well-structured.
-Maybe you can simply show both testimonials at the same time? I mean, they are just two, why bother with an automated carrousel, which is pretty annoying as well.
-I also like how you show your process (do mind the typo in “brainstrom”).
-What I do miss, is the UX work you’re doing. I haven’t gone through all the case studies in detail, and I can’t imagine a recruiter would do that. I would like to see the link between the process you claim to apply, and how you applied it in your case studies. Maybe you mention it in a way, but I see opportunities to highlight this better. You use icons on the home page, why not use these in your case studies as well? Highlight the phases a bit better, that makes it easier to scan, and shows me that you actually have command of the process. I cannot deduct this right now from your case studies.

  • Also, make the details a bit more abstract. There is a lot of detailed data in your Nemo case study for example, which is rather redundant if my main objective as a recruiter is to see whether you have command of the process, and are a good UX’er or not.
  • Why open a case study page in a new tab? Not a big issue, but feels a bit weird though. As a UX’er you should be able to provide a simple navigation between pages, this seems like a lazy way to do it.
  • You profile yourself as a UX designer, but honestly I don’t see a lot of UX work in your cases. There is a lot of branding, visual design, and even photography in your cases. Which is good to show, don’t get me wrong. Bt if you’re looking for a job as a UX Designer, I wouldn’t put those projects on the same level as your UX cases. I’d rather bundle them, and group them in 1 page. You would end up with less case studies on your home page, but that’s not an issue. Less is more :slight_smile:. I’d rather see 2 - 3 good UX cases that don’t take up an awful lot of time to go through, but still convince me you have sufficient command of the tools and processes.

In general, design more for the needs for your target audience, in this case hiring managers and design team leads. They get a lot of applications and portfolio’s to go through :slight_smile:

Also, I might seem harsh and sound like I got it all figured out, but some of the issues I have highlighted apply to my own portfolio as well, so I should start doing what I preach as well :smile:


I agree with the points above. Can you also double check your pages on a mobile device? I tried reading your post on a 5-second test but the content fell off the right side of the screen and i couldn’t zoom out.
Device: Galaxy S6
Browser: Forefox mobile


Such valuable feedback! @glenn Harsh? not at all :slight_smile: I highly appreciate the points you made and absolutely valid. I shall work on it. Thanks for making me a better uxer :blush:


Thanks @moshner for highlighting this! :slight_smile: Yes it seems to have an issue even on my android mobile. I’ll need to work on this :grin:


Really great that you appreciate feedback :slight_smile:, I have seen people who don’t cope with it that well unfortunately. Keep us posted on any updates you have done. And good luck with the job hunt.