Feedback on my portfolio, anyone?

It’s here:

Hi fvila,
Welcome. :slight_smile:

My first response is wow! What a great idea. I love the originality and uniqueness, and the way it showcases your skills.

There are a few display issues (I’m using the latest Chrome on a late model Macbook Air) but I like the way you cover off your broad set of skills, rather than just showing case studies.

My main feedback is that I feel like I want to be able to click through to the sites that you mention.Everything feels a little constrained in the small screen format.

(When you get a minute, jump into this thread and tell us a bit about yourself.)

Thank you so much for your feedback and encouragement.
I agree the lack of actual sites to visit on the Web is something I have to circle around. I have been working in a software company on products you install on premises, and the company no longer exists, so I don’t have loads of links to show off. I do have a few, I guess I can make those links more obvious with a Wikipedia-like link icon. And I can create new full-size pages to highlight things like icons or screenshots, and open new tabs (or scroll down in single-page web site style) to avoid losing the context of the mobile. That should alleviate the “constrained in a small screen” impression.
A lot of work coming up! I’ll send a post when I’ve got some significant progress to show.