Feedback on my porfolio



I am a starter in UX industry. I am on the way of improving my design skills for my internship next semester as UX/UI designer. I have been looking for the position in a year but I cannot get any.
Could you give me some feedbacks on my Portfolio so that I can improve it better.
Here is my Portfolio
Thanks a lot in advanced. :smiley:


Hi Anja, I’ve got a couple of bits of design-based feedback after a quick look though your site…

  • First up, well done. It’s a right pain in the ass trying to get a folio up and running that shows who you are and what you can do. I like the simple layout from a UX perspective. It’s short and sweet.

  • Because of the short and sweet nature, the top menu isn’t really necessary and is a bit ‘der’. Menus on short single-pagers are pretty useless and it actually makes people click there unnecessarily because it seems like it may lead you elsewhere. I’m a bit of a hater of an anchor-menu on single-pagers though.

  • The page feels cluttered even though it isn’t, your content is quite simple. The background is the culprit here, I know you are trying to add a little magic but it only serves to detract from the content.

  • I like your choice of Segoe UI as the font, it adds a real 1990s web charm which I think you should exploit further especially considering you have coding experience. You’re pretty young so it may not be something you’re familiar with but I’d dig deeper with this concept and push it further as a nod to “back in the day” would be beneficial from an employment perspective (if you are in-fact influenced by it). Here are a couple of great, modern examples:

  • The section with your works is good, I like the retro feel (not sure if that was deliberate or not) but it doesn’t currently link to your projects or github. Think about embedding the git or codepen into the site so people can play with it or look at it on the page while they scroll down. Keep the button underneath that links to the page.

  • Consider getting rid of the ‘skills’ bars. I’m a hater of these too because it provides no relevance to the measure of your skill. 23 elephants worth of UX Design skill? 2 kilopascals of Research initiative? You see what I mean. If anything, it actually places focus on what you’re not good at more than what you are. I like this as a summary section but perhaps you could think about how you can bring each of these bits to life. Create a little graphic or snippet of CSS that shows your responsive coding skills, javascript typing out, a small wireframe mockup being created etc.

  • If you end up making changes to your site, redo your CV with identical design, it’s a little disjointed having a completely different style. This will help reinforce your personal brand and character which is important to anyone employing you whether they realise it or not.


Here you are, looking sexier already:

Don’t forget to add a little padding at the bottom, it will help strengthen your content by being consistent with your visual layers. The main content is contained and has a little room to breathe. This aids navigation and visual focus.


Thank you @wristymanchego, it’s nice to hear from your feedbacks. The porfolio does look cluttered, i realized it when checking on my phone but dont know how to fix. I will consider your recommendation :wink:.


Hi there!

Visually, you’ve got some good stuff here. I have an idea for the cluttered look. How about you make it so that the background isn’t transparent? I hope that makes sense because I think that might be a simple fix. The picture of the keyboard makes the subtitle after your name disappear. I’m not sure how to fix that. :frowning:

Unfortunately, none of the links to your projects, GitHub, or your CV seem to work for me on my computer (Safari and Firefox) or my iPad, so I’m not able to provide you any feedback on those.

I look forward to getting another look after a bit.



Thank you for your feedbacks. The link is not clickable on my phone too.:thinking: I will fix it and get back asap.
Have a nice weekend :hugs:


Hey @vita_dolce170196,
Welcome to the community. Great work. To add to the feedback above I’d say that your portfolio could do with a light english edit. There are a few sentences which are constructed a little strangely.

The key to any UX portfolio is in documenting your processes, but yours doesn’t do that. Rather than linking to github you need to document case studies outlining the steps and tasks that you undertook to complete the work and link to those.

Let me know if you have questions.


Thank you very much for your feedbacks.
About the texts, English is not my native language so maybe I misunderstand the meaning of some words, could you explain me which one?
About the content, before I was more focusing on the design, I will pay more attention on it. Thank you. :slight_smile:
Have a nice week. :smiley:


I love the 2 part background. But for the rest, I think there is a lot of scope for improvement.

  1. The spacing seem all out of balance to me between titles and paragraphs and between sections.
  2. Font sizes do not seem to have any hierarchy or consistency.
  3. The blue font color on VISIT MY GITHUB button looks quite bad
  4. Overall, the page seems off balance to me. Maybe because of the separators that are centered with the texts but not with the page itself and also because of the section titles that are not aligned with the starter text. Making all text aligned will improve the visual balance.

Hope that help!


Hi, I would agree with most of the comments here and I encourage you to catch the grammar errors you´re making in English. I used to teach this stuff so I picked out the following for your attention:

“I’m an enthusiastic learner towards designing by means of coding and researching.” The preposition “Towards” is misused here, it isn´t really necessary and can be replaced by a comma.

Don´t forget periods at the end of sentences.

“During my study, below are projects that I have completed as either UX/UI designer or back-end programer…” This is a sentence fragment. You begin with an incomplete phrase, “During my study” and the thought is not completed.

“I’m on the way of improving myself. These skills are what I have gotten so far…” Your metaphor, “I´m on the way” is inappropriate here. In English we don´t express this movement in this way. Try the simpler, "I´m on the road of improvement " Also, watch your sentence structure in the second sentence. “These are the skills I have,” is a better alternative.

Hope that helps.