Feedback on my first UX Portfolio



Hi, everyone!
After several months I FINALLY think I’ve finished my UX portfolio (for now).

As I close in on completing my M.S. in UX Design with Kent State University, I’m looking to begin applying to full-time UX jobs in NYC this coming fall.

Before I do, I’m looking for honest, critical feedback (please do not hold back - do your worst!)
What do you guys think?


Hey Alex,
No problem – happy to help. Here are my thoughts:

  • The design is clean and easy to navigate – nice.

  • I’d move the About section to the top

  • Small typo “More recently, I’ve been keep myself busy.”

  • This is a bit strange:

  • The button text ‘View Social Hub’ is a bit ambiguous. I thought it was going to take me to the actual site.

  • I love the ‘At a Glance’ / ‘Full case study’ options

  • You have done an AWESOME job of documenting your case studies. The dialogue, imagery and annotations are excellent.

  • It would be great to be able to paginate between the case studies.

  • Great succinct downloadable resume


Thanks for your feedback!
It’s a relief to finally have someone look it over.

I agree with all your input - that pagination idea is great.
Great catch with the “Anything else?” box btw (that placement text must be the default)


Yeah, I figured. It didn’t seem to be in keeping with the rest of your character but I didn’t want to make assumptions. :wink:


Hey there,

It looks great to me. I do see something else in the About section. In the last paragraph, the alignment changed. It probably happened when you moved the section to the top.



Thanks, Piper! Good catch


I am a newbie to UX design so I don’t have critical feedback - but bravo! I really hope I can have a site like this one day. I will be referencing this in the future!

Great work. I feel like everything I could have wanted to know was on this site.