Feedback on my first prototype

Hello everyone! :wave:

I’m currently studying the UX design course in CF and I am looking for feedback and suggestions about my first high-fidelity prototype. It’s an app to find experts on health and wellness (alternative medicine, nutritionists, etc). I would be very grateful if you could leave some comments on it. I can return the favor if you need it :smiley:

You can leave comments on the InVision platform (by exiting full-screen mode).

Prototype on the link below :point_down:

Thanks a lot!


Hi, i’m not an expert, but can provide feedback as a user :slight_smile:
Overall i like the idea. The app is nice, easy to use, everything is understandable. The only thing, i would set sorting by location - from the closest to me. But sorting it by ranking is also good point. Another idea - maybe add “how to get there” section in doctor’s profile, with info on public transportation from your place to doc’s office. Not just map with subway stations.
All the rest looks good to me, no issues :+1:

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Another thing to consider - should user type in search exact specialist name? Sometimes people don’t know exact name of professional they need. Is there option to search by name? If you know the doctor and just want to book appointment via app. That,s just something that popped up into my head, not saying it should be there :slight_smile:

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Hello, Julia! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for taking your time and give me your feedback! I really appreciate it!

Regarding the “sorting” option, do you mean that it would be better to have “sort by location” as the default? I was thinking about this option, but I did not show it as the default, since people can book in-person sessions or online (experts from anywhere). The option will appear when users click on that “Sort by” button. What do you think? Should I leave it this way?

Regarding the “How to get there” section in doctor’s profile, I am not sure if I understood it right. Do you mean to add a new section with written indications of how to get there? Is it possible to customize this kind of content depending on the user’s location? What if a user from Germany wants to book an online appointment with an expert from France? Would it make sense to have a section with indications on how to get there? It’s an interesting point of view, so I am thinking about changing the button “Open in Google Maps” to “Get indications in Google Maps” or similar. What do you think? If I do so, don’t you think it can replace this section that you talk about or would you add it anyway?

A huuuuge thanks for your feedback. It’s very very helpful!!

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And about the “specialist name” on the search bar. Yes, I was definetely thinking about that option, too. I was thinking about giving the option to search by specialist name, specialisation, location and even with just some keywords (like “food” or “headache”), but not sure about how this last one would work - and if it could actually work. Let me know if you have more ideas or what do you think about the search options that I mentioned.

Thanks again, Julia!!!

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Aha, you are right about sort by location (and yes, i meant to have it by default ). I didn’t take into account online consultation. I guess it makes sense to have it by rating then.
As for “how to get there” i’m not sure if it’s possible to customize it, but i guess yes, as i saw it in other apps, or at least i think so :thinking:
If i used this app i would appreciate info like this, as it would save my time. And as for section - i used it maby wrongly, i meant just adding this info, not specifically in section. Maybe just button?
Sorry if i confuse you, i just gave my thoughts from user point of view :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes! That’s a great idea, I think I am going to implement a “How to get there” button then :smiley: :+1:

Your comments have been very helpful, Julia. Thanks!

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@egimenezcalvo! Great! It’s impressive actually. Your color combination is awesome, first of all. Secondly, navigation. Moreover, your messaging and profile panel is beautiful.

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Hello, @SagarS123! I’m glad that you like it :smiley: Thanks a lot for taking your time and give me your feedback! I really appreciate it.

If you have any other comments, don’t hesitate to tell me!


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