Feedback on my first case study?



I finished my first full week and first project for UXDI at General Assembly (only 9 weeks to go :wink:), and now I’d really appreciate some feedback on my first case study that I just wrote for my portfolio.

Edit: My first case study is now on Behance and Medium, and I’ve written a draft of my second case study. Links are below in a later comment.

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Good work Chris, it’s great!
I’ve made a couple of minor comments on the doc.


I agree with Hawk’s comments…a summary statement of lessons learned, next steps etc would give the presentation the closure it needs for a case study.


Amazing work!


Very nice work!


Thanks for the feedback! I tweaked the problem statement and added a conclusion.

Also, I know the embedded prototypes don’t work in the Google Doc. For right now, you just have to open the links in new tabs.


Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on my first case study! I’ve posted a revised version on Behance and Medium if you’re interested.

I’ve also just written my second case study, and I’d love any feedback I can get on it.

Thanks again!

How do you document your work?

Fantastic! You’ve done a great job of documenting your process again, and I love how you highlight your learnings and what you’ll do differently next time.