Feedback on my case studies, please :)



Hi guys!

I would like to ask for your feedback on 3 case studies I wrote. These will comprise my UX/UI portfolio, so I really want to make sure they’re on the level. I’m still finishing my portfolio website, so I posted them on Medium for now.

Here’s a bit of information about me, to give you a frame of reference.

I recently decided to make a change in my career. I’ve been in design for almost 10 years, and for all of that time I have worked remotely with clients, either through my design agency or freelancing through UpWork (oDesk). While working from home does have its benefits, it no longer offers me the chance to grow and improve myself. That’s why I decided to bite the bullet and find a position with a company that has a vibrant design culture - a place where I can continue to learn and contribute to making amazing products.

My goal is to get a job as a UX/UI designer or a product designer. I’m open to working with any size company, as long as they can help me to grow and improve myself.

I specialize in visual design, interaction design, user research, UX strategy and content strategy. I love solving complex problems, and I as much enjoy making beautiful interfaces as I do finding ways to improve the overall user experience with a product.

I have background in psychology, through which I gained extensive experience conducting cognitive assessment tests. I also spent 3 years mentoring college students in how to properly perform these tests themselves.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you for your time! :slight_smile:

Professional Portfolio/Website
Need help coming up with ideas for case study projects

Nice case studies!


Thanks for taking the time to read them! :slight_smile:


They are fantastic Goran. You do a great job of really clearly documenting your process in a way that is engaging to read. Good balance of imagery to text also. It’s great to see your lo-fi sketches as well as the refined stuff.

Nice work.


Well explained Goran, visuals were great especially the process flow diagrams. Just a suggestion though why not you take your case study from the angle of storytelling. Talk more about the problems your clients were facing and how your UX design solved the problem. Challenge and outcome is what people focus more on :wink:


Thanks so much, Hawk! Much appreciated!

Did you feel that they were too long to read through?

I plan to include these three case studies as my entire portfolio for now. Do you think they are good enough, or should I look to include more?


Thanks so much!

Yep, storytelling is powerful, and I did try to write the case studies like problem-solution stories. Which case study do you think I could have done a better job with? Do you have any specific suggestions how I can improve it/them?

Thanks for your time, I appreciate your help!


I don’t think they’re too long, no. And I do think they are good enough to be used, yes.

I do like @neonester’s idea too – it would add a point of difference AND demonstrate your storytelling skills, which are big part of UX (and becoming bigger).


Thanks so much! That’s very encouraging.

I like @neonester’s idea too. I will see how to incorporate it into what I already have.


Goran, apologies for the late response,
So I was talking about the first case study, the CMS one. You set the context well, talked about the project goals, the visuals were great. It has even the proper takeaways and room for improvement, but I really need to have a lot of patience to read till the end. I will suggest to have some short bite sized information for your readers.


@neonester Sorry for the late response as well!

Thanks for getting back to me. I completely understand what you mean. It’s an issue I’ve been debating with myself as well. For example, one of the earlier versions of this case study had a TL;DR section at the beginning of each chapter. The feedback I received, however, suggested this was unnecessary and added additional burden to the content.

My goal at this point is to optimize skimmability and scannability of my articles, so that prospective employers can easily find the information they’re looking for.