Feedback on My 1st Card Sorting study


Hello All!

I’ve put together my first card sorting exercise on Optimal Workshop. It’s the first card sorting study I’ve ever done.

I haven’t launched it yet, so it’s still in Preview-mode. No data will be collected, though the “required” questions still require you to fill them in order to move through the study.

I would very much appreciate feedback on the study, how I chose to set it up and the pre- and post-questions I’ve created.

Link to card sorting study:

Feedback is a gift! And I would really appreciate anyone’s time in reviewing this. Thank you all very much!!

~ Marie


Hey Marie,
Happy to help.

Your intro was great for setting time expectations etc but I was a bit surprised when I jumped to the first question and it asked me about online study because the intro didn’t explain what I’d be asked questions about.


Good point! Didn’t include my screener info in my introduction - thanks!


Seems like u added the info now which was helpful.

I work for a non profit and I’m always looking for ways to organize the lessons the leaders use w our students (middle and high school students). There’s a lot out there but none are great yet for the purpose of the organization. so I’m happy there’s work being done in this area. Google classroom has come really close.