Feedback on Multiple dropdown design problem



We are building an app that helps in building itineraries for travelling. In our app a person can make multiple itineraries, each itinerary can have multiple days in it and each day can have multiple places/destinations. Like here (can’t add more than one image, sorry)

But in order to add a destination to an itinerary there are two choices one is to add it directly using ‘Add an item’ from above or You can add a destination from its page directly using ‘Add destination’ model like below

itinerary model

we just want the addition of destination to a day to be easy. But we think ours is too cumbersome. So we require some suggestions and insights.


There are quite a few travel itinerary apps out there already. I’d recommend having a closer look at them and how they tackle this problem.

Maybe the bigger question however, is how is your app better than all the current apps?