Feedback on Interactive Design Foundation training


hi @HAWK,

I am really enjoying the IDF so far. It is quite academic (there is a fair bit of reading alongside the video content) but the quality of the information is very high. They focus on learning the fundamental principles and concept first before getting into tools and techniques which is how I have taught design myself for a number of years.

The only downside really is that there aren’t the same number of ‘capstone’ projects that you might find with some of the other, more intense, online courses and there is no mentor guidance (which I think would be really useful). I am conscious that i need to build a portfolio if I am ever going to stand a chance of getting a job so, if I stick with the IDF, I will have to work this out for myself. I am also keen to (somehow) find a mentor to help me on this journey… I just havent worked that part out yet!

At long last... Please welcome

Interesting feedback. If it makes you feel better, there has been something of a backlash against ‘capstone’ projects recently because the same ones were showing up in everyone’s portfolio. (Note: I’m not necessarily claiming to share that opinion – but I’ve heard it a few times recently.)

How about doing some pro-bono work for a local school or club?


Yeah, I was chatting to someone earlier on LinkedIn who has come out of Academy Xi and he was saying something similar (i.e he is struggling to find work in what he sees as a ‘flooded market’). I live in a small community, so I am sure I would be able to find something I can do…
I also appreciate the need to present a point of difference when looking for work in order to stand out from the crowd.


I wasn’t a fan of IDF. It was too academic and dull for me since I’m more of a visual learner. Good for you for sticking with it. I ended up requesting a refund.


It is definitely quite academic, i agree, and more about reading than video content. I dont think this will be the only course I do, but for now it is satisfying my curiosity for the subject