Feedback on First Personal Portfolio Project



Please be brutal. I am really trying to improve. I did a case study on improving a feature on Twitter for better usability on Desktop/Laptop devices.

Twitter Lists Project


Hey Julius,
Happy to help! Would you mind giving someone else feedback on their portfolio as per these guidelines please? We’re all about the reciprocation… :wink:

Case Study Feedback

Oh sorry about that! I’ll check out some other portfolios too. :sweat_smile:


No apology necessary. :slight_smile:

Here is some feedback on your case study:

  • I love the storytelling aspect – I felt compelled to read on
  • It would benefit from an english edit. There are a few grammatical errors and at times it’s a bit verbose.
  • Your process is solid and your documentation of it is fantastic. I love how aware you are of outlying issues.
  • A light grey background, slightly darker text, a larger font size and a shorter line length would improve readability.

That’s about it TBH. I think you’ve done an amazing job.