Feedback on DesignLab's UX Academy Bootcamp Course


Alright - I’ve seen a couple of posts asking people to compare UX Bootcamps: General Assembly, Career Foundry, Bloc, DesignLab. I haven’t heard from anyone taking the full UX Academy “bootcamp” from DesignLab, so I thought I’d start this thread and keep it updated as I go - especially since DesignLab is the new kid on the block, and the more affordable option, I’m hoping people will find this thread helpful.

I’m a senior Graphic Designer with almost ten years of experience under my belt: web design, front-end development, Art Direction, and a lot of marketing design. I’ll be posting about my impressions of the course and UX in general.


Just beginning the first week. Too early to get into any details, but I like the way it’s all structured so far, and I’m feeling connected to the other students in this cohort. I’m taking the part-time (20 hours / week) track, but I’ll see if I can go faster when my freelance work is slow.


Hi there, I am also a Graphic Designer who’s hoping to break into UX. Can you update us with how the DesignLab course is going? I’m interested in that course, and hearing about Bloc if you have any information.



Hi @horseradish1,

I’m also considering the UX Academy bootcamp and was wondering if you could tell us about your impression of it so far?