Feedback on design

Hi, can I please ask for your feedback on this design for ordering pizza, thanks.

Advice Part One, what are the production requirements, here are some of my thoughts…

• Secure ordering
• Promote value, variety and product customisation
• Establish a relationship
• Convenient and quick to use
• Remember profile
• Auto fill features
• Tracking feature

Advice Part 2

Can I please get your advice on the attached chart (wire frames to come next). Is there anything I have missed? Is it easy to use?

Since this is such a competitive market, I would strongly focus on fresh ingredients, maybe even from local farms if possible. Biological instead of mass production. I would also focus on healthy and vegan variations. With these things in mind, there are more production requirements to add.

With the second part, I can’t really help you since I have to go deep into the product. At first sight, it looks good and I think it’s really nice to have even if it’s only for yourself. This way you’re more sure that you won’t miss anything.

Thank You

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