Feedback on design


Could i ask for your opinion and feedback?
I have 2 projects completed and need someone to check it and tell me if design is good, as well as it’s presentation.
The thing is, i am trying to change my career and i need to figure out if i have enough of talent or vision to work in UI/ UX. So need someone who (ideally) has experience in UI/UX to tell me frank opinion.
Please, could you check 2 files and tell me your feedback on designs itself and also on presentations (i tried to keep it short and simple)?
Huge thanks!
paintball shop
mobile app


I think more context would be nice in terms of if you solely were the designer or if you worked with others,timeline of the project and responsibilities such as did you do the UI Design,Research? Also most importantly what problem were you solving with this idea? What Research did you do to discover these issues and what did you learn with this project?


Hi there,
For UX case studies we don’t necessarily prefer short and simple. Understanding your process and seeing that documented is more important.

Here is a recent example which does this very well.


This all looks like visual design, maybe UI design to me. Definitely not UX design. Needs a lot more process and research.


Thank you, Ralphc_nyc! Actually, initially i had more info there, but cut it as i checked a lot of portfolios on Behance, and they all looked very short… Do you think i should mention my role if i was doing basically everything? Could you also tell me your opinion on UI? Thanks


Thanks, Hawk! Wow, this example is brilliant! I would hire him :smile: Now i get better picture of how it should look like. But what if i want to post it on Behance or other similar site - won’t it be too long then? All projects i saw there were pretty short, mostly showing the final design…
Also, could you please tell me if you liked UI? This aspect is pretty important to me. Many thanks for your time.


You are right, Jdebari! now that i saw the other example i see mine is all about UI… Going to add the whole process description. And how about visual? Did you like it or maybe find some issues there? Many thanks for comments!


I don’t think you should base your portfolio entirely on what you see on Behance. It is my understanding that portfolios should be uniquely personalized and show a good thought process.

Here’s an article you may find interesting. 9 Quick Tips from UX Portfolio Master, Joe Natoli

Another thing you can do is check out the portfolios tag to see portfolios that others have posted for review. You’ll be able to get some ideas for your own, see feedback that has been given, and you’re especially welcome to provide your own feedback.



Great article, thank you, Piper! Actually i was taking an online course from Joe Natoli :slight_smile: Will definitely check the tag as you advise. And if i would still like to post projects on Behance or Dribble, would you recommend to have it there with detailed process description? Or having such detailed portfolio in PDF for potential employers, and shorter (more visual) portfolio on Behance is an option? I’d like to do UI as well, so want to present it also. Many thanks!



Without knowing your process, it was hard to tell anything about the visual design. There were no before, and after shots, no comments about why the color palette was chosen or the navigation design was the way it was.

I guess I can’t really comment until there is more context. :slight_smile:


Totally get it! Thanks, will complete the process description. :slight_smile: