Feedback on case study


Hello, could i ask you for feedback on my case study? Again… :blush: I added detailed description of a process, as you suggested, and very interested in your opinion and critique on the process itself, results and presentation.
Thank you so much!
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who will you show this to?

asking to help find a frame for my feedback.


Hi, Marcin! To potential employer, i hope :slight_smile:
I am very new to UX/UI, and trying to put together my first mini-portfolio…


It’s better. The Defining the Problem and Research should be two separate titles. Also, you don’t want to see your solution so quickly. It makes me think you didn’t actually do the research. :slight_smile: In the research section, I would expect to see a competitive analysis, quotes from your interviews, and the top three key insights.

Your personas need more depth. They should have behaviors, motivations, goals, and needs for each persona, which would come from your interviews.

Your user stories are different… Have you read any user story mapping by Jeff Patton? Usually, they should be done as a team…

Your sitemap needs a bit of work as well. The hierarchy isn’t totally clear and there shouldn’t be any actions…

Hope that helps!


Thanks for such detailed feedback and time spent on it, @jdebari. Going to improve it now…
As for research - i was afraid to give too many details not to have too much text to read, instead emphasized on results, but now i get the point. Haven’t read Jeff Patton, but already googled him :slight_smile:
Thanks for review, it really helps!