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Hello, could i ask you for feedback on my case study? Again… :blush: I added detailed description of a process, as you suggested, and very interested in your opinion and critique on the process itself, results and presentation.
Thank you so much!
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who will you show this to?

asking to help find a frame for my feedback.


Hi, Marcin! To potential employer, i hope :slight_smile:
I am very new to UX/UI, and trying to put together my first mini-portfolio…

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Thanks for such detailed feedback and time spent on it, @jdebari. Going to improve it now…
As for research - i was afraid to give too many details not to have too much text to read, instead emphasized on results, but now i get the point. Haven’t read Jeff Patton, but already googled him :slight_smile:
Thanks for review, it really helps!


Hi, guys. Could i ask again for your feedback? I’ve changed a case study a bit, added some information, as was advised:
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Thank you so much for help!

I’m getting an error trying to open that doc.

Hi, Hawk! Could you, please, try now? i pasted it again… Thanks :slight_smile:

it looks like it’s just a problem with the google preview tool. It downloads just fine

My feedback

For me. It was quite hard to read and follow your process and why you did certain things. It felt like a set of notes and deliverables pasted together, rather than a cohesive story being told. I think a good case study should tell your process/story in an engaging way and lead the reader into each new section.

I really like case studies like this

Maybe because it is written in first person, or maybe because it’s well structured, and each section flows logically onto the next, but for me, this is the perfect format for case studies.


Thanks for valuable feedback! I understand your point, will definitely need to work on it. I felt it doesn’t really stick together, but couldn’t say what’s wrong and got stuck :frowning: thanks for help. And case study you’ve posted is really good!

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I agree with Leo. Approaching this from a storytelling perspective is a great idea for two reasons.

  1. Everyone loves a good story. It’s a mental model that we’re comfortable with so it engages people easily.
  2. Storytelling is an excellent skill to have so to demonstrate it peripherally as part of your wider skillset is smart.

Thank you, Sarah, totally agree!
Now it got me thinking (please please, don’t hate me for another question! :smiley:): do you think this case study is worth working on (re-doing presentation of it) at all? This is my very first project, it’s not real case, i’ve done it to try my theoretical knowledge on practice, and perhaps include it in my first portfolio. But after you guys provided all the feedbacks i’ve realized i’ve made a lot of mistakes :sweat:: didn’t document interviews properly, didn’t spent enough time and efforts on creating personas, didn’t do user stories, etc. So maybe i shouldn’t make it part of my future portfolio and rather start another project and make it “as it should be”?

Never. That’s why we’re here. :slight_smile:

I think the answer is “it depends”. I think it could definitely be worked into a great case study but if you’ve lost your passion for it and think you’d be more productive if you started afresh, then I’d go with your heart.

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Thank you so much for help!

@julia_k thanks for sharing that with us. I am not a designer just someone who is considering design as a career change. Therefore, my input is from a different perspective.

I find some of it hard to read. The reasons are:

  • A lot of italics e.g. Competitor analysis insights table.

  • Grey on white background - perhaps a classic black on white would be better?

  • Some of the text is justified to the right. As I’m from a Western English speaking country, I’m used to reading things from left to right.

  • Increase line spacing e.g. 2. User Interviews

I did find the Building Personas section a lot easier to read which is great. I’m sure you will reap the benefits of asking questions and taking action. Well done!


Thanks for taking time to look at it and great feedback, Sonya. Really good points, will change that.

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You’re welcome. I’m looking forward to seeing your next update.

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