Feedback on a user flow!

I’m currently creating a user flow for a mobile application of a mall. I’ve decided to create a general flow, with a general scenario instead of chopping it to pieces to fit with the personas. So the flow shows the whole experience in the big picture, no details and such are shown. This is what I’ve done so far, I’d love to read some feedback on what I should improve and what I should do, and of course am I in the right path.

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A good starting point.

Few inputs:

  • after successful sign-up the user can be logged in, so would land at the Home screen
  • the arrow “clicks on login” should go from Home screen to login (wrong direction)
  • I would propose to let users access the onboarding screens at a later point too
  • the action “click services button” goes to Services Screen, not Home screen (copy paste error)
  • I assume that the screens Services, Stores and Map are somehow interlinked
  • I am not sure if the onboarding screens should have a link to the login screen. Rather only the skip option and then from Home the user can go to Login.
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