Feedback on a new UX/Usability tool




First of all, I’m new around here. Hopefully I’m not breaking some unspoken rules and make you hate me :smile:

I’ve seen that there aren’t that many topics on tools that address mobile apps usability testing and such. That’s why I wanted to open this topic maybe it can be of help to some (future) you.

I’m part of a startup that started on a journey to build this tool UXRecord that we hope can help UX people such as yourselves.

You can explore the website and give it a spin and tell us what you think.

As an overview of what it does:

  • Recorded user feedback from the phone’s front-facing camera with both audio & video
  • Your app’s screen recording and finger movement synchronized with the user’s face recording
  • Design improvements with screenshot submissions in a collaboration environment (tags, comments, assign to, etc.)
  • Heatmaps with all interactions on your app’s screens
  • Relevant Analytics

Any and all feedback is much appreciated. Don’t be gentle :smile:



Heh, you’re ok.

We do have rules around self promotion – essentially we don’t mind people promoting tools that are of value to our audience, provided they become active and engaged members of the community.

In essence, if you’re just here to promote then it’s not cool. You can read the details here.


Well, I’m definitely here to stay, learn and offer my contribution.

The link doesn’t work though. It says “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!” :stuck_out_tongue:



Whoops - sorry about that. Fixed.


Hi Bogdan,
Good day

Just wanted to bring this to your notice in the sign-up flow.

I have visited the link underlying UX Records and started to signup to know more about the product.

Step 1: I have entered my email ID (the background video or gif is really cool :slight_smile: )

Step 2: System is asking me for the full name and the field is pre-filled with my email ID, now I’m afraid to enter my name as I’m afraid that I need to re-enter my mail ID again.

Step 3: I have entered my password and re-entered it again for confirmation, it says incorrect :smirk:…instead of re-entering the password again twice I would just check what I have entered and confirm the same if you have provided an option to view the password that I have entered…but unfortunately not provided :expressionless:

Please check the image

Thank you