Feedback appreciated for my portfolio project :)



Hey everyone!

I have recently finished an online UX workshop and published my final portfolio project. I would love any comments and advice, if you have the time :slight_smile:

I still intend to do some more work on it, as I know there’s plenty of room for improvement.–mom-community

Thanks! :slight_smile:


@AsaB, can you be more specific on what kind of feedback you are looking for?


Yes, of course! Even though I would welcome any input, I would be particularly interested in feedback on the research part, as that is all new to me, as well the presentation itself, such as if my attempt at storytelling was convincing. I would also love some comments on the UI design, as I really want to improve in that area.
And also if there’s something obviously missing or simply wrong/badly done!


@AsaB it looks amazing! I love how thoroughly you have documented your process and how natural your voice is. It was super enjoyable to read. Well done.


I didn’t read your process and about that project when I opened it but I think like a recruiter If I wanted to hire you. I wouldn’t have enough time to go through that much big and advanced detail process. Not that it should not be, it should be. It’s just that usually recruiters don’t have enough time and they tend to spend 5-10 minutes on your portfolio and judge you from that.

Since we tend to use UX writing as short as possible for users (so that they understand what message you want to convey). If it’s possible then you should try to make it a little bit shorter. :grinning:


Hey! I’ll give it a go too.

Your site is nice, reads easily, but I haven’t read it whole, and nobody will. This format is more relevant in school, you can ask for a degree in some schools with an article like this :smiley:. Try to keep it no longer than 3 min. read next time. Otherwise structure, design of the article and amount of screenshots is perfect.

Some hints for the next iteration:

  • add a short summary, 2 sentences. If you wanna keep the length, add summaries after each headline.
  • obvious competition is social media, eg. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, which you haven’t explored.
  • what does your solution add that a simple subreddit or a Facebook group can’t do, that justifies investment in a whole app?
  • UI is usable and beautiful, but cluttered. Try to have less stuff on the screen at one point, progessively revealing advanced functionality.
  • Overall, you have gone too far too soon. The prototype will probably drastically change before becoming a product, so a styleguide or hi-fi wireframes are unnecessary, at so soon a point in the project. Spend more time on business side of the project, and have more iterations, before delving into hi-fi.

Good luck, keep us posted.

(Extra points for using heuristics!)