Feedback about my interface

Hello everyone, how are you?

My name is Alan, and I’m starting now in the Design world! So I would love your help to improve and evolve my interface designs in software products.

I created a form for people who understand how to help me improve, because this quarter, my job is to improve product design!
So if possible I would like anyone who could help me to answer this form of Google so that I can observe my mistakes and successes, and then be able to help other people also giving the same kind of feedback and help!


Speaking about the product, it is software for shipping and receiving products from large factories where products and raw materials are produced or extracted. People who use it vary from the industry to the managers. In the case of this functionality, it would be for Logistics Managers, who are usually older, more objective and busy people, so when I put those images together the focus was to do something that would be clear and present information quickly!

I am very grateful for the attention and wish a great end of the year to all!

Att. Alan Secundo


Response submitted.

Nicely done! All in all, those are a clean looking set of interfaces (in my opinion).

Keep up the good work with your project.

Sent. Great work! Any feedback I could think of is quite small. The screens are super easily and clean to read :slight_smile: