Feature handover/documentation (UX/UI to dev)


Hey guys, reaching out to you for some insight regarding documentation.

I’ve joined a remote-first company as Product / UX designer. Responsible for UX and all the UI work. The challenge however with our team is effective documentation/handover of features to the development team.

We’re finding it quite challenging not to have a vast functional spec or 500 bullet points explaining all behaviours, yet the features still need to be documented in a way.

Current tech we’re using

  • PM tool: Jira (soon moving over to gitlab),
  • Zeplin for design handover

At the moment, I break the features down into sizeable tasks, have the main artboards on Zeplin, with some notes of course and then the Jira ticket contains some functional spec like technical conditions or tracking plans etc.

This is sometimes challenging and I don’t have time to make every single feature’s prototype interactive, so I need to communicate all the flows in a much more efficient way. See screenshots.

Any takes or recommendations on how you guys go about this?