Favourite Apps and Why

Here’s one I’m just throwing out there for general discussion and because I need inspiratiopn
It’s been a while since I fell in love with an app (not a website) because of the experience it gives me. What are you guys in love with experience or usability wise? Any category, any use case… let’s share :slight_smile:
Here are apps I use on a daily basis

Youtube - it’s simple and focuses on the primary use, to subscribe and watch videos.
Audible - i like how you can bookmark snippets of audio to go back to. The player is easy to use I hardly find any friction points. It’s missing a few nice to have features like converting favourite audio snippets to text so I can save it to my general book notes I have on Kindle.

Youtube - do you mean app or site? Anyway, maybe it is simple, but it us full of advertisements and I hate this :roll_eyes:

I am Sketch fan. The instruments are intuitive and I like the plugins system.
Also, this is kind of old school but I’ve always admired the Autocad. It is ultimately powerful tool yet simple to master unlike the monstrous 3dMax or Archicad.
And, this is even more old school, Total Commander. I don’t know how it is doing nowadays as I haven’t used Windows for many years. But years ago it did absolutely everything what a file manager should do and its menu items were logically organized. It was easy for a beginner and provided rich functionality for professionals through command line commands, hot keys, plugins etc.
I liked MS Word and Excel before they introduced their ribbon menu. Hate that ribbon, didn’t get used to it through years :confounded:
Speaking of mobile the N26 mobile banking app is great. Not to mention their transparent card :smirk:

Stop, breathe and think - Beautifully designed, well thought out, effective freemium business model without being pushy, good onboarding and feature discovery flow, full of nice little touches. Excellent app.


Going to check this one out. Thanks for posting

I like how Audible lets you jump between devices and pick-up where you left off. I generally like apps that let you move across platforms.

Google maps has saved me in many situations.

God, me too!