Extra special edition of Ask the UXperts


Because it’s the holiday season and we’re all excited, we’re going to be running an extra special Ask the UXperts session tomorrow. I’ll be hosting my two favourite UXperts (although they especially hate it when I call them that) in the chatroom to talk about something exciting that’s on the cards.

Join us tomorrow morning (Down Under) when Matt, Luke and I will be chatting about the upcoming relaunch of uxmastery.com and the processes that they have been going through. This is your opportunity to get a sneak peak at our shiny new look (due to be released into the wild early next year), offer feedback, ask questions, and pick up some tips.
[]Where: The UX Mastery Campfire Chatroom
]When: Friday 12th December at 10:00 am AEDT (find out what time that is for you)
[*]What: Find out more information about the session here


For those of you that missed the session and would like to read the transcript, here it is.


Thanks Hawk :slight_smile: I popped in momentarily and then got hauled off to a meeting!