Exploring UX Design as Career Change

Recently got booted from a manufacturing job due to covid, and decided to take my six months of unemployment to seriously look at doing something I might actually enjoy doing. Being a 50 something, and looking at something I might be able to develop expertise in over the next 3-5 years and take on the road to retirement, and knowing IT jobs are a good possibility for that, I came across UX Design, and noticed a couple of things. It’s not coding specfic. It’s not software expertise specific. It’s, as I saw quoted from one of the site folks, “a specialist at being a generalist”.

I saw terms related to storytelling. I’m a published fiction writer. I saw a lot of psychology related concepts. I have a degree in psychology and a masters in social work, that I’ve never really put to use. I saw terms like, “big picture”, and I’ve always been more oriented toward overall versus the specific. There’s research, which is always fun if you enjoy finding out about things you didn’t know or understand before. So, I’m thinking, maybe this is a job I might actually have some background for. Am I wrong in thinking this? Does this job seem to be as “fitting” as it seems? Could I get into this enough during six months of unemployment to maybe find a job in the field? Would love any feedback. Thanks.