Experimental Design Study


Dear All,
I am a City, University of London student and for my thesis I am running an experimental design to test three website mock-ups. I have developed a questionnaire to collect feedback from B2B professionals, may I request your help to feedback on this survey please? https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/setone


Hey there,
Are you looking for UK participants only?


Hi Nitesh,
Are you looking for feedback on the survey design or are you seeking participants for your survey?
If participants, where from and what kind of background?


Yes please Hawk


Hi Ruth,
My supervisor has approved the design, I am looking for around 10 participants, knowledge workers who are also decision makers or influencers when it comes to shopping online for work in their company (shopping online can be any ticket items/subscriptions/services/products).


As I understand it, you’re looking for feedback over the questionnaire form itself? If so, what are your real goals and perspective for this study?

Secondly, if you’re looking for advice over recruitment, it looks like you’ve got a fairly small sample group, so you could probably contact companies that fit the kind of scope you’re looking for and see if you can get an interview with someone who matches the background you’re looking for.

Does your college have local industrial partners you could potentially draw on contacts with?

(By the way: your initial post is a bit ambiguously worded. If you’re going to be writing letters / emails to recruit from companies, you might want to focus on being especially specific over what you’re seeking and what they can do to help you. If they’re uncertain or unclear, it might hurt your response rate.)


Understood, thank you for your note. I will redraft and post accordingly.