Hello I have few questions:

First of all, if users will use URL locator blended to lab, that you can copy it to clipboard even on phone. Somewhere whiting share button on content. Is something like that useful?

Another question is, that your forum requires a full name, as it is another thing to type, which you don’t really need. Then if I don’t enter it, password disapears and I have to type it again on the forum.

Then when finishing registration, it would be really nice if I had check button to stay logged in if I confirm the email, because I’ve just typed that information once, and I don’t really want to type my email address twice in a row.

I think minimalism when we are talking about effort is quite…

First of all while doing something automated is how much time in a cycle of some actions you can save, not your time. Like with few million users, your few hours can save much more time around you.


Hi there and welcome to the community!

I’m not sure I understand this question . Can you elaborate or perhaps share a screenshot?

Are you talking about this forum? If yes, would you mind sharing your thoughts here? We’re aware of some bugs in our SSO which we’re in the process of ironing out.