Exclusive Webinar for Gold Members


Next month we’re going to try something new. We’re going to run an exclusive webinar for Gold Members called ‘Office Hours with Luke and Matt’.

The session will take place at [B]5pm Monday June 16 PDT [/B](10am Tuesday June 17 AEST).

[SIZE=12px]You can find out more details here.[/SIZE]


Hi guys, hope you put a recording or transcript online :slight_smile:
unfortunally 2 o´clock at night would kind of kill my next working day.

but maybe … If my daughter wakes me up at night :wink:

Maybe you can integrate a list for question which will be answered even when people won´t be able to participate due to time zones

Hope it will be a cool session :slight_smile:


Im also interested. Its great idea, but if You could at another AU companies training worldwide (traffic travis for example) they set up seminars just on edge of time zones, so Im mostly on them without killing day schedules :wink: I have few questions related to book, and will post them soon.


Hi hope to stay up for this.
Any good tips and techniques to get test subjects talking alout, and also tips to avoid the ‘please the tester’ responses?



Sounds like a good idea. Not sure if I’m still gold, I was on a 2 week vacation and promised myself I’m not doing anything related towards web or what have you, but I’ll find out after I post. posts


We just finished the Office Hours webinar and it was great fun! We got through lots of great questions, and we’ll publish a transcript and recording on uxmastery.com as soon as we have it transcribed, so hang fire…