Examples of retail Information Architectures



does anyone have any examples of information architecture for retail clients. I’m thinking how best to represent items which are not on the primary nav such as my account/trolley?

Thanks for your help


Calling in @rachelreveley and @Louise – our resident ecommerce specialists.


I tend to think of IA as being for the categories such as big widgets, useful widgets, blue widgets and how they fall within the navigation rather than where they are on the page but I think you are asking about where they fall on the page…

Usually baskets are taken out of the nav entirely and given their own dominant position with a big easy to recognise icon (recognition over recall)

Account information is often also placed alongside the basket or in a separate topmost navigation.

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Thanks Rachel, these links are really useful

I was trying to work out how to represent items on a sitemap, I was going to group these items in a secondary navigation grouping but wanted to make sure this made sense


That makes sense. Though usually your homepage would be your shop and where you have shop would be filters/categories unless you specifically want a brochure style home page.