Ethnography done solo and with stakeholders


In the next few weeks I will be conducting contextual inquiries and tag-alongs/shadowing sessions in 2 hour sessions solo, and possibly with stakeholders some of the time too. Ideally I’d have one other practitioner along side me, but since that is not the case, what approaches or techniques might I consider to make things more manageable, while still capturing the quantity and quality of observations and insights that I’m aiming for?

Does anyone know of any succinct and effective instructions or guides on the basics to quickly ramp up these stakeholders to participate in supporting ethnographic research?

Any suggestions or resources would be greatly appreciated.

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I don’t have any quick guides to hand, but this may be useful?

I don’t usually have anyone else with me during ethnography, although it’s totally dependent on the kind of project of course.

I like to be as invisible as possible and having lots of folks around tends to bias things



And this

I’m on ethnographic research all next week as it happens!



We have a great sketch video which may also provide some handy tips