Entry-Level Web Designer/Developer/Marketer - Want to Get Into UX Design


Hi there,

I am currently in web design and web marketing, but have recently taken interest in User Experience and User Interface Design and feel this is the best fit for me. For education, I have a 2-year degree (in web design and development) and 3 years professional experience in web design and marketing. Currently, I am also taking online courses in UX, reading books on the subject, and working on an online portfolio.

At some point soon I would like to leave the company I am working for (have been there these past three years.) I don’t care for the office environment (it doesn’t have to do with the work; it’s a workplace culture issue.) Also, I currently feel like a “jack-of-all-trades” and like I am not growing in one specific role at the company. It’s a hard decision to make because I have skills in a number of things and because my energy has been spread across design and marketing equally; it’s difficult to know what kind of job I need to get next. I really like UX design, but unless I can find a junior position in UX in the area where I live, I feel like I’m stuck and may need to get another job that’s at least related for the time being. I am hoping to stay at my job for as long as possible as I am still getting some experience there.

I have some experience with front-end web design skills such as CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, WordPress, with additional SEO knowledge and some graphic skills.

I am curious to hear other designers’ advice on what path to take and what advice you have for someone in an entry-level (almost mid-level) position with no real specialty yet?

Thank you in advance!


Hi there. Welcome to UX Mastery.

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I’m in the same situation as you are. I’ve done a traineeship in front-end development, but the company didn’t have the culture in which I fit. Started a new job and the culture was awesome … but that’s changing now. Besides that, I started here as a designer en developer, made the change to go full on UX (talked and agreed about it). But that still hasn’t happened. I’m doing design, UX research, front-end, product management, strategy and such on.

I can imagine that you should have a look around for a specific role if you don’t want to be all-round, but specialist. If you think it’s possible I would suggest talking to your manager first and honestly explain how you feel and what you want. Also, have a plan ready how you wanna get to the point you’re aiming for. So you should always give options.

Next, to that, you can start looking for something new, this doesn’t mean you’ve got to take those jobs but you can get experience in interviews and also have a little taste of what other opportunities there are.

But like @ari_rahmati said to make, make plans and set goals. Search for a job that helps you to get to that end goal.

Hope this helps a little. Let me know if you have questions I’m happy to answer them.