Entering UX

Hi Everyone, I’m 42 years old living in Melbourne Ausralia with my family, I have a fintech background but have been out of the game since 2013. I wish to re-tool as I still very much retain a deep interest but wish to diversify and enter the design space, specifically UX. To this end I have a number of questions, for example age and experience concerns and also recommended training paths. It would be very helpful to hear from a HR/Industry insider about perceptions/perhaps any hidden considerations job seekers may not be aware of. Regarding training, I’ve found two very promising courses, uxdesigninstitute.com which is a uni accredited 6 month course and interaction-design.org which advertises itself as outstanding due to their pure design focus; can anyone shed light on what is well-regarded here in Aus? I know of GA but they are terribly expensive and am not sure there’s any additional value to justify the cost. Any tips you can give to a middle age guy starting out would also be very welcome. Thank you all in advance. Regards, Tom.