Ecommerce for expert users


Hi, I am redesigning the shopping interface for an eCommerce system where the users are all pre-registered and know what they want before they arrive. They don’t use our site to browse but rather to buy (as resellers for their customers).

Do you know any good examples of simillar situations where speed of finding a specific item trumps window shopping?


Would something like an inventory management system be a parallel?


Interesting case! I’ll put out a tweet and see what we can come up with. Welcome to UX Mastery @rachelreveley :slight_smile:




Could be. I’ll have a look, thanks.


I had another thought last night, there are several examples of websites I use or have worked on where the user comes there with something specific thing to do, as you say they are not browsing just to see what’s new, like they might do with a social media site such as Facebook or maybe a news site. Instead they come to the site, do the thing they want to do and then leave.

  • Banking sites
  • The web site for your ISP or telephone provider
  • Other utility type web sites (electricity, gas etc)


This almost sounds like you’re describing buying tickets to a concert. Why not look at or a major sports venue.

Another good one to look at might be transaction completion through PayPal.


Thanks for the ideas.

It is for a cloud reseller platform I am building from scratch. Most of our customers are tech savvy IT people who want a quick way to provision services but at the same time we want to introduce them to other options.

What I have done so far is a system that allows both for fast, almost command line style interaction with some browsing via upsels, cross sells, filtering etc. Sounds awful when I describe it but my first user test went well and I will be doing some more very shortly.