Ebooks, Blogs (marketing) and UX design, platform to sell from?

Im an IT Proj Manager, have retired for a bit but about to jump back into it after 20 years in the Telco and Software business, doing everything from Technical Writing to Systems Analysis and of Course Proj Management. I still have my Prince 2 Foundation and Practitioner and Agile certs.

Anyway I want to build some third income streams, I have my job and an investment property.

Can I sell Ebooks, Blogs, UX designed Websites all in one place?

I found this site which provides a lot of extensions and unlimited products/sites for a fee.

It seems to cover everything from marketing to sales etc is covered. Let me know your thoughts?


Go easy on me, Im new to all this and a bit scared at this point. I have ideas for books, for blogs and I have the skills to produce quality UX design. Can I sell these skills, if so how?

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